Wednesday, February 15, 2017

January Articles

Texas Panel on Wrongful Convictions Calls for
Ending Use of Unverified Drug Field Tests
ProPublica (01/18/2017)
D.C. Police Body Cameras: Off at Demonstrations,
On for Criminal Behavior, Public Interaction
The Washington Post (01/19/2017)
How Should Texas Teach Students to Interact with Police?  Read
The Texas Tribune (01/20/2017)
Six Blocks, 96 Buildings, Zero Shootings:
New Recipe at the Queensbridge Houses
The New York Times (01/19/2017)
DA Wants Criminals to Meditate
as Part of ‘Anti-Burnout Program’
New York Post (01/20/2017)
LRPD Chief Details New Unit
Designed to Prevent Violent Crime
Arkansas Matters (01/22/2017)
2016 Was a Record Year for Data Breaches
Bloomberg Technology (01/19/2017)
A Needed Reprieve for Young N.Y. Men
New York Daily News (01/20/2017)
Mass. Supreme Court Orders Prosecutors to
Review 24,000 Cases Tainted by ‘Rogue’ Chemist
The Washington Post (01/20/2017)
Juvenile Justice
Raise the Age Gets New Look in Connecticut
The Crime Report (01/20/2017)
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