Friday, February 24, 2017

February Articles

What DA’s Battle with Facebook Could Mean for Your Privacy
New York Post (01/07/2017)
The Wrong Side of History — Police Training in the Holocaust Museum​  Read 
Chicago Magazine (01/31/2017)
Mass Incarceration
Study: Mass Incarceration System
Costs At Least $182 Billion per Year
The Crime Report (01/26/2017)
After Prison, Davontae Sanford Steers Teens from Crime
The Detroit News (01/31/2017)
Seattle, King County Move to Open Nation’s
First Safe Injection Sites for Drug Users
The Seattle Times (01/27/2017)
What is a ‘Violent Crime’? For California’s New Parole Law,
the Definition is Murky - and it Matters
Los Angeles Times (01/27/2017)
America’s Oldest Crime Victims
The Crime Report (01/30/2017)
Judge Acquits Two Men in Perjury Case
Over Recanted Testimony in 1993 Gentilly Murder
The New Orleans Advocate (01/30/2017)
These articles and more are available in the PCE Policy Library which resides on Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia (PE). The PCE Policy Library is a resource that contains thousands of articles and reports on topics impacting prosecutors, including ethics, technological developments, social science, innovative law enforcement practices, and evolving trends in crime. Prosecutors with a PE account can access these resources at: Prosecutors can request an account at

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