Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April Articles 2

     In Wake of Attack, U.K. Officials to
     Push Against Encryption Technology
       The New York Times (03/27/2017)
     Smile! You’ve Just Been Identified by Face Recognition  Read  
       New York Daily News (03/27/2017)
    Largely White Opioid Epidemic Highlights
    Black Frustration with Drug War
     USA Today (03/27/2017)
   The Children Left Behind:
   As One Generation Dies, The Next One’s in Peril
     Portland Press Herald (03/29/2017)
    Federal Criminal Prosecutions Fall to
    Lowest Level in Nearly Two Decades
     Pew Research Center (03/28/2017)
   The Prison Scam That Leads to Violence  Read  
     The Crime Report (03/28/2017)
    How Truckers, Hotel Workers Can Fight Sex Trafficking
      The Pew Charitable Trusts (03/28/2017)
   NYPD ShotSpotter Gunfire Sensors
   Improve Rate of 911 Calls
     New York Daily News (03/28/2017)
   Justice Department Watchdog Finds
   DEA Cash Seizure Program May Pose Risk to Civil Liberties
     Los Angeles Times (03/29/2017)
   Making Freedom Free — Some of the nation’s district attorneys are using their power to  end the cash bail system.  Read  
   Slate (03/29/2017)
These articles and more are available in the PCE Policy Library which resides on Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia (PE). The PCE Policy Library is a resource that contains thousands of articles and reports on topics impacting prosecutors, including ethics, technological developments, social science, innovative law enforcement practices, and evolving trends in crime. Prosecutors with a PE account can access these resources at: Prosecutors can request an account at

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