Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April Articles

   Bevin Signs Contentious Blue Lives Matter Law
   Courier-Journal (03/22/2017)
   Should Prosecutors Chastise Those They Don’t Charge?  Read  
   The New York Times (03/24/2017)
   Collateral Consequences:
   Protecting Public Safety or Encouraging Recidivism?
   The Heritage Foundation (3/7/2017)
   In Chicago and Philadelphia, the Difference a Park Makes
   The New York Times (3/12/2017)
   Criminologists Urge Trump Administration
   Not to Cut Science from Crime Policy
   The Washington Post (03/23/2017)
  How to be a 21st Century Cop
   The Crime Report (03/23/2017)
  Judge Permits Bite Mark Evidence for Ross Retrial
   Altoona Mirror (03/25/2017)
  Worthy Lauds Processing of Thousands of Rape Kits  Read  
   The Detroit News (3/2/2017)
  2 of a Farmer's 3 Children Overdosed.
  What of the Third — and the Land?
   The New York Times (3/12/2017)
  The Contagious Spread of Violence
  Among US Adolescents Through Social Networks
   The American Journal of Public Health (July 2017)
   These articles and more are available in the PCE Policy Library which resides on Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia (PE). The PCE Policy Library is a resource that contains thousands of articles and reports on topics impacting prosecutors, including ethics, technological developments, social science, innovative law enforcement practices, and evolving trends in crime. Prosecutors with a PE account can access these resources at: Prosecutors can request an account at

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