Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Articles

Interview with Mike Herring,
Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Richmond, VA​  Read
Richmond Justice (10/21/2016)
Goodwill Fighting Recidivism in Arkansas
by Building Trust to Fight Crime  Read
THV11 (2017)
Police Bias, Use of Deadly Force,
Public Outcry — Vicious Cycle?​  Read
American Society of Criminology (2017)
Survey Reveals Disconnect
​Between Police and Public Attitudes  Read
The Washington Post (01/11/2017)
Kentucky State Police to
Investigate Shootings Involving Police  Read
The Courier-Journal (02/15/2017)
Pennsylvania AG Releases New Code of
Conduct for AG’s Office Employees  Read
PennLive (01/19/2017)
Pennsylvania AG Code of Conduct  Read
Office of Pennsylvania Attorney General (2017)
Juvenile Justice
What We Can Learn from the Amazing
Drop in Juvenile Incarceration  Read
The Marshall Project (01/24/2017)
Traffic Deaths Soared Past 40,000 Last Year
for the First Time in Decades  Read
The Washington Post (02/15/2017)
Victims and Witnesses
In Connecticut, Calling for Help Carries Risks
for Victims of Domestic Violence  Read
ProPublica (02/16/2017)

These articles and more are available in the PCE Policy Library which resides on Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia (PE). The PCE Policy Library is a resource that contains thousands of articles and reports on topics impacting prosecutors, including ethics, technological developments, social science, innovative law enforcement practices, and evolving trends in crime. Prosecutors with a PE account can access these resources at: http://pe.nypti.org/wiki/Prosecutors_Center_for_Excellence_Policy_Library. Prosecutors can request an account at www.NRCFP.com

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